Electric scooter trip


Have you heard of the electrically-assisted bicycle? Discover its little sister: the scooter!

Equipped with a 1500W motor, suspended frame, fatbike tyres and hydraulic brakes, this latest-generation scooter will take you to breathtaking vantage points with minimal effort!

A choice of 3 “Trott’élec” packages departing from Morgins:

– Discovery | approx. 1h

– Tour of the Petits Lacs | 3h
A ride on horseback along the Franco-Swiss border with incredible scenery, a view of Mont Blanc and the Dents du Midi, a climb on stony paths, a single in the forest and a descent through pastures… At the end of the hike, we’ll share a meal at the Refuge du Corbeau, before finishing the descent. What a programme!

– Tour of the Portes du Soleil | 3h
Head for the Alpage de Tovassière, the Col des Portes du Soleil, Champoussin and back to Morgins via Savolaire. Enjoy a meal at the Alpage de la Chaux. For the descent, you can choose between an easy or more challenging route, depending on your level. You’ll also have the chance to discover the many colours of the water in the They valley.

The activity takes place from 2 people registered.
Gloves, helmet and goggles must be worn.




One price: from 80 CHF.


Vallon de TheyCH - 1875Morgins
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