Opening Season R.E.D | Étienne de Crécy


A must-see après-ski with a magnificent view of the Dents du Midi and an electro programme featuring artists who have played all over the world!

Program :
– Étienne de Crécy
– Kael
– Maora
– Pass
– Kemo Sabe

– This year, it’s the seasonal uncle who’ll be opening the ball at Champéry’s magnificent opening season party.

– They were there when RED was created. They’re back every winter. Our friends from PASS will be with us for a crazy set. Rest assured, this won’t be the only date of the season, so stay tuned!

– Originally from Lausanne, Maora is a dynamic DJ whose captivating musical style radiates warmth and energy. A sensation on the music scene in 2022, she quickly caught the public’s attention in French-speaking Switzerland, before taking her talent across the border to France and Ibiza. Maora’s performances offer an immersive musical journey where she deftly juggles diverse rhythms and melodies, creating a vibrant, festive atmosphere. Maora excels at forging a deep bond with her audience, creating unforgettable memories through the power of music.

– Etienne de Crécy is a key player on the international electronic music scene. Over a 30-year career in constant evolution, the French producer has produced some of the world’s leading electronic albums: Pansoul (with Philipe Zdar under the name Motorbass), Superdiscount, Tempovision, Superdiscount 2 & 3. He is also the author of some thirty EPs and forty remixes for artists such as Kraftwerk, Air, Moby and Lil’ Louis. Renowned for the eclecticism and efficiency of his productions, Etienne de Crécy is also a passionate DJ, much appreciated by the public. His live show Beats’n’Cubes has become a worldwide benchmark for live electronic performances.

– Kaël is a young Swiss-Belgian artist based in Bulle, Switzerland. Attracted to the sounds and vibes of electronic music from an early age, her true musical awakening came in 2018 at the Kappa Future Festival and Love Family Park Festival. As soon as she entered this world, she instinctively knew she belonged on stage, making crowds dance to her rhythms until dawn. She took the plunge a few years later and started her career from scratch in 2020, learning to play both on vinyl and digitally, while exploring different genres such as deep house, tech house and techno. Over the past few years, Kaël has established herself as one of Switzerland’s leading debut DJs, with gigs all over the country. She realized that it was through raw, hypnotic techno that she was able to express herself fully and connect with her audience on a deeper level. She always packs a punch behind the decks, as well as a strong dose of energy and generosity before, during and after her performances.

Practical info:
– The R.E.D is located at an altitude of 2,000m at the arrival point of the Champéry – Planachaux (Croix-de-Culet) cable car. The cable car will be open until late evening to allow you to reach the village. Free parking is available opposite the cable car departure point in Champéry.
– Drinks and food on site

Opening hours

Saturday 16 December 2023 between 2 pm and 10 pm.




Full price: 20 CHF.


Arrivée du Téléphérique / Croix-de-CuletCH - 1874Champéry
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