Vernissage “Back to the roots” by Arun Rey


Saturday 14 October
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Arun Rey's exhibition focuses on two themes: her childhood in Cambodia Cambodia, and the way she looks at the use of materials in her work with in her work with patients as a therapist.

The first is based on the use of mineral and cellulose which define the
define the timelessness of stones, buildings and statues that bear the
the traces of a disappeared civilization.
The second, as for him, relates to his inexhaustible interest for the
materials used (sand, pigments, acrylics, patinas, vegetable fibers…)
“The Return to the sources”, it is to find the essential, to position itself and
to discover this intimate part in us, buried and authentic.

Opening hours

Saturday 14 October 2023
Opening hours daily at 6 pm.




Free access.


Espace RaiffeisenRue du Village 45CH - 1874ChampérySuisse
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