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An instructive and comical play performed in an idyllic setting!

Did you know that the total weight of ants exceeds that of humans? And that, despite their profusion within an anthill, no ant ever collides with another? That they have developed unrivalled systems of health, work, agriculture and defense? That an ant can carry up to sixty times its own weight, that the male ant dies of exhaustion after making love, and that there are kamikaze ants? That the queen manages the balance of her colony thanks to a spermatheca, and that ant observation has led to the development of the algorithms and artificial intelligence we use every day?

The highly instructive, slightly educational and absolutely clownish lecture that two seasoned myrmecologists are about to give you today will inevitably change your perception of the tiny insect that is the ant. After this, you’ll no longer be able to spray a colony of ants in your kitchen. And you’ll never again walk past an ant farm with that disdainful pout, trying to flick away the few ants slithering between the hairs on your forearm.

Cast by :
– Mali van Valenberg
– Philippe Soltermann

Practical information:
– Show lasts approx. 30 minutes
– After this free show, enjoy delicious food directly on site at the Cantine sur Coux restaurant in Champéry (reservations recommended).
– In case of bad weather, the show is performed indoors at the same venue.
– We advise you to book your meal at the restaurant on +41 24 479 10 44.

Opening hours

Friday 26 July 2024 between 6.30 pm and 7 pm.




Free access. (on-site consumption at an additional cost).

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