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From generation to generation

The Val d’Illiez has a long history of alpine craftsmanship and these ancestral techniques have been carefully preserved and transmitted from generation to generation. Despite the inroads of tourism, local artisans, shops and restaurants still welcome visitors to the region with the same hearty simplicity as in days gone by. Revisit the past at an old grain mill, a communal bread oven, a traditional bell foundry…

Good to know
Named for the traditional wooden basket famers carried on their backs, the La Cavagne shops are your one-stop-emporiums for everything homemade, farm-fresh and locally sourced. The two shops, one in Troistorrents, the other in Champéry, overfl ow with delectable specialties including robust cheeses, organic fruits and vegetables, cured and smoked meats, yummy jams, crusty breads, delicious wines and more!
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