In summer


Before the last winter snows have melted, hikers and bikers take over the mountainsides. In summer, some 800 km of hiking trails and 1,000 km of mountain bike trails await outside your front door, with quaint alpine restaurants and unny terraces at strategic intervals along the way. There are almost limitless excursions to choose from, whether you stay closer to home or venture higher up into the surrounding mountains. Go at your own pace on foot or bike, saddle up your trusty steed or head for the horizon on your electric bicycle; you can even hitch a ride on one of the ski lifts open for summer!

This is a place of exhilarating peaks and inspiring views, where the border between France and Switzerland has all but disappeared and your backyard stretches as far as the eye can see.

There’s something about the mountains, between the lure of exploration, the challenge of conquest or the romanticism of awe-inspiring panoramas, that seems to strike a chord in everyone, plucking irresistibly at the heartstrings and sending us headlong into the wilderness. By air, by land, by water, on two wheels, on horseback, harnessed to a rock wall or suspended from the treetops, adventure in the Alps never comes by half measures!