Summit Hike | Dôme de la Tour Sallière (3,220m)


Lace up your boots and set off for one of the Dents du Midi’s legendary summits!

On this day-and-a-half excursion, you’ll traverse narrow trails and the Ruan Glacier en route for the Dôme de la Tour Sallière, a magnificent 3-sided pyramid that haunts the imaginations of mountaineers and amateurs alike.

Required equipment:
- Harness, crampons, ice ax, helmet, weather-appropriate clothing, windbreaker, gloves, mountain shoes (high boots with good soles), headlamp, overnight affairs and personal supplies for the hut, water, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Practical information :
- Alpine hike with rope-team passages on a glacier. Significantly more technical than an ordinary mountain hike. French mountaineering grade: PD
- About 20km with 1500m of altitude gain

Minimum 2 participants.



Full price: 190 CHF.

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