Husky Hike | Lakeside Tour


Harnessed to you by a comfortable belt with a leash attached, your trusty husky guide will pull you uphill, taking all the hard work out of the outing.

On this day-long tour around pristine mountain lakes, your guide will tell you all about the fascinating life of a musher. You’ll stop for a gourmet aperitif with a view of the Dents du Midi and a delicious meal at the Buvette du Corbeau.

Information :
- The Franco-Swiss itinerary is as follows: departure from Lac de Morgins, Lac de la Mouille, Lac de Conche, Prés-la-Vieille (optional), dolines du Bec du Corbeau, Lac de Morgins.
- An aperitif along the way and the meal at the Corbeau restaurant are included (your choice of Salade Corbeau or croute au fromage, drinks are extra).
- This is moderately athletic outing, for good walkers age 10 and up (between 14 and 16 km depending on the route, 600m positive altitude gain).

Recommended equipment:
- Walking shoes, rain jacket, an extra top for warmth, water bottle.

Minimum 4 participants



Adult: 180 CHF, Child (10-14 years): 80 CHF.

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