Husky Sledging Workshop


For a blast from the Far North, try your hand a driving a sled dog team! With a little help from the magnificent Val de They Siberian huskies, you’ll be mushing like a pro in no time.

You'll start by getting to know the dogs and learning about the equipment and sled driving. When you're ready, you'll step into the passenger seat for a 2-3 km loop.

After a short break for the dogs, you'll take the next step and learn to drive the sled yourself while the musher guides you with his sled. Accompanying children will be able to take another ride as a passenger on the musher's sled.

When the activity is over, we'll make sure you have time to take pictures with the dogs and say goodbye to your furry team-mates.

The sled can carry 2 people.
A short waiting time may occur between each 10-minutes tour.
Sled driving only age 16 and up.
Children between 0 and 2 years old cannot be admitted.
People over 80 kg upon request.
Pregnant women only accepted with a medical authorisation.



Adult: 60 CHF, Child: 40 CHF.