Introduction to Ski Touring


Set off for adventure in the snowy back-country accompanied by a qualified mountain guide. From safety equipment to conversion turns, you'll learn the basics of ski-touring before heading into the wilderness on your own.

Overnight, a pristine layer of fresh snow has fallen. As day breaks, you head for the hills and the vast wilderness, far from the jostling lift lines and frenetic pace of the machine-driven ski area. As you climb, your skis settle into a steady rhythm, your mind wanders and you take the time to be awed by the scenery unfolding before you. Coming down you skim, breathless, over the snowy hillsides, leaving only the faintest trace on the immaculate, untouched slopes behind you.

Ski-touring is an increasingly popular activity, perfect for sports and nature lovers alike. While these introductory courses are not technically difficult, ski-touring is a demanding sport; to get the most out of this outing, you'll need a minimum level of fitness and basic skiing skills.

You'll need warm ski-type clothing (ski jacket and trousers and technical layers) and a backpack to carry a hat, gloves, sunglasses, sun cream, a picnic and a thermos.



CHF 550 for 1 to 6 people (equipment rental not included).


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