Morgins - Chemin des Planètes


Ideal for baby buggies, this paved educational trail shrinks the astronomical dimensions of our solar system down to a human scale where each small step corresponds to a giant, 1-million-kilometre leap in space.

Set off under the giant orange arch that represents the sun, at the entrance to the Vallon de They (route de Chésery) just after the Morgins Ranch. Follow the path further and further into outer space, passing by the planets of the solar system on your way. Each step you take corresponds to 1 million kilometres in space and each planet you pass by is sized to scale and has its own informational panel to discover.

The quaint Cantine de They alpine restaurant marks the halfway point on the trail and makes a convenient place to stop for rest and refreshments.

You can extend your hike to the Tovassière alpine restaurant, which is about 30 minutes past the last planet (Pluto).

Please note that the itinerary time published here is noted here is for one way only! Make sure you leave enough time to get back.

Insider tip:
Take the Bee Trail or the Bridges Trail along the river going up the valley and come back by the Planetary trail, as their starting and ending points are the same.


  • Duration 1h10min
  • Distance 4 km
  • Ascension 220
  • Très facile


Free access.