Tasty Treats


Eat healthy and have fun!

During this workshop, we will start by playing around with different tastes and flavours.
Then, your child will learn how to create healthy and energizing balls.
It's not a question of cooking food, but rather of choosing the ingredients carefully according to everyone's tastes, preparing them and assembling them with their hands to make delicious snacks.

We will accommodate, according to your tastes and desires, energizing and healthy foods such as dried fruits, almonds or hazelnuts, chocolate, etc.

Here, no sugar or dairy products are used to make these delicacies.

Each child leaves with his or her own snacks, to be enjoyed, for example, during a break in nature, to regain strength!



Child: 5 CHF (from 7 years old).

Children under 7 can participate at the child rate but must be under adult supervision (free of charge for the accompanying adult).

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