The Raclette World Championships will gather the creme-de-la-creme of local and foreign producers of this emblematic Valais speciality.

The best cheeses in categories including Raw Milk Raclette, Alpine Raw Milk Raclette, and Other Raclettes will win the coveted World Champion titles. The jury in charge of scoring the cheeses will be made up of cheese or gastronomy professionals as well as amateur cheese-lovers registered in advance.

The five best cheeses in each of the three categories will then be judged by a Super Jury, made up of internationally recognised cheese experts.

  • Alpine Raw Milk Raclette
    Cheeses made exclusively with raw milk from alpine pasures between June 15th and July 15th
  • Raw Milk Raclette
    Cheeses made with raw milk
  • Other Raclettes
    Semi-hard cheeses

Entries are open to producers from all over the world if their cheeses meet the conditions described in the rules below.


Jury de la phase éliminatoire

The elimination-phase jury, composed of restaurateurs, food-making professionals (cheese makers, dairy workers, restaurateurs, etc.), and consumers, will be responsible for selecting the 5 best cheeses in each category.

If you would like to apply for a place on the Raclette World Championships jury, please submit your application by September 30th (registration coming soon). The selection will be made by drawing lots at the beginning of October. If you are selected, we will contact you and ask that you confirm your participation by paying the registration fee of CHF 50.00 per person (travel and accommodation costs not covered). We will then provide you with all the information you need to prepare you for the competition.

Final phase Super Jury

Laetitia Gaborit

Laeticia Gaborit has been passionate about cheese for as long as she can remember. She turned her passion into a profession with a degree in cheesemaking, then set her sights on the coveted title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager (Best French Cheesemaker). Thanks to her know-how and determination, in 2007 she became the youngest woman ever to have obtained this rare distinction.

Bernard Mure-Ravaud

Bernard Mure-Ravaud, the man with the iconic mustache, is one of France’s greatest cheesemakers. After discovering the profession by chance when he was 15, he went on to win, in 2007, two major titles – Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Cheesemaking World Champion.

Eddy Baillifard

Eddy Baillifard discovered his calling for cheese, and livestock, as a child. He became a professional cheesemaker, opened a restaurant in the Val de Bagnes and, in 2015, became the Raclette du Valais PDO ambassador. Interestingly, he is the man behind the ‘Roboclette’, a robot which imitates Mr. Baillifard’s expert cheesemaking process, down to the last hand-gesture. For this project, Eddy Baillifard collaborated with entrepreneur Nicolas Fontaine and researchers at the Idiap institute in Martigny.

Philippe Moreau

Philippe Moreau comes from a long line of food industry professionals, which may account for his discerning palate and extraordinary ability to sniff out exceptional ingredients, cuisine, and restaurants—particularly when it comes to cheese. In 2003, he made a life-changing decision to leave his position as a civil engineering site manager and pursue his dream of running a small local cheese shop. He’s never regretted taking the leap—the cheese industry has given him the opportunity to embrace his passion for food through exciting journeys, meaningful encounters, and delightful discoveries. He holds a special place in his heart for Italian and French cheeses and has honed his expertise by participating in various training programs offered by esteemed French cheesemakers. Recognizing his exceptional skills, Philippe was honored with the title of Vice Premier Cheesemaker for Belgium in 2010. Additionally, for over a decade, he has lent his expertise as an expert judge in numerous cheese competitions.

François Raemy

François Raemy is a master specialist for Fribourg Vacherin PDO cheese.

Roger Dubosson

Roger Dubosson was born and raised in Troistorrents, in the Illiez Valley. He moved to Fribourg to learn the cheesemaking trade, then went on to manage the Verbier dairy for 36 years. He is a master cheesemaker, deeply devoted to preserving and passing on traditional craftsmanship and expertise.

Andréas Leibundgut

A certified master cheesemaker, Andréas has crafted several Swiss cheese specialities for different dairies over the years. He has also worked independently, running a small village dairy in the Broye region of Fribourg.

When health issues put an end to his work in the dairies, he was fortunate enough to find a new professional calling with FROMARTE, the parent association representing Swiss cheesemakers and artisans. This has allowed him to participate in various international culinary events showcasing Swiss cheeses, but also to deepen his knowledge of cheeses produced outside of Switzerland

Currently, one of his main activities is organising the Swiss Cheese Awards, the national competition for Swiss cheeses held every two years. The most recent edition took place in Bagnes in 2022, as part of the Valais Raclette AOP Festival.

Edith Beutler

Edith Beutler comes to us directly from German-speaking Switzerland. Since 1997, she has worked as a sensory analyst at the Liebefeld research centre for the Agroscope research institute. Responsible for dairy products and honey, Edith tests products to ensure they have an appealing taste, texture, smell, and appearance.

An epicurean, especially passionate about cooking and cuisine, Edith presides over the Swiss Competition for Regional Products, held in Courtemelon in the Jura. She also serves as a jury member for the Swiss Cheese Awards.

Contests procedure

For more information on the contests, please contact Isabelle Dubosson ( or Laurent Ecoeur (



“Alpine pasture” category

  1. Alpage de Tanay, Vouvry, Valais
  2. Alpage Er de Lens, Icogne, Valais
  3. La Ferme à Gaby, Champoussin, Valais
  4. Alpage Le Pont, Dents-du-Midi 30, Champéry, Valais
  5. Alpage de Moiry, Grimentz, Valais
  6. Alpage de la Jeur-Loz, Vouvry, Valais
  7. Alpage de la Caux, Champéry, Valais
  8. Alpage de la Chaux, Verbier, Valais
  9. Alpage de Chaupalin, Les Crosets, Valais

“Raw milk” category

  1. Fromagerie Le Pont, Champéry, Valais
  2. EARL les Noisetiers, Leschaux, France
  3. Fromagerie de Liddes, Liddes, Valais
  4. Fromagerie d’Anniviers, Vissoie, Valais
  5. Fromagerie de Verbier, Verbier, Valais
  6. Fromagerie des Haudères, Les Haudères, Valais
  7. Walker Bergkäserei AG, Bitsch, Valais

“Other semi-hard cheeses” category

  1. Raclette suisse Seiler, sélection exclusive by Wyssmüller® Maître fromager, Giswil, Obwald
  2. Milco SA, Vuisternens-en-Ogoz, Fribourg
  3. Walker Bergkäserei AG, Bitsch, Valais