Eddy Baillifard

Pope of Raclette

When we set out to find the perfect event ambassadors for the Raclette World Championships, the name Eddy Baillifard immediately came to mind. Known as the ‘Pape du Raclette’ (or Pope of Raclette), his reputation in the field extends far beyond the borders of the Valais and Switzerland. In fact, he has brought his Raclette expertise to events around the world, such as the 2015 World Expo in Milan, the 2016 World Football Championships in Paris, and the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Eddy Baillifard : Pope of Raclette

Eddy is a proud, jovial Valaisan who is deeply passionate about his canton and his profession. Cheese making runs in his blood – his grandfather was the first cheese maker in Bruson in the Val de Bagnes. Today he oversees the Raclett’House, a must-visit destination for all Raclette lovers. Eddy’s enthusiasm for and devotion to this iconic Valais speciality make him the ultimate connoisseur of Raclette cheese.

Isabelle Dubosson, Contest Co-organiser

Cheesemaker and dairy farmer at the Alpage de Champsot, Morgins

Isabelle Dubosson is well-known for her famous Raclette cheese, produced on-site at her family’s alpine pasture above the village of Morgins. She and her family stay at the alpage with a herd of dairy cattle from May to October.

A determined and ambitious young woman, Isabelle initially pursued a professional career path in banking. Her life took an unexpected turn however – following the tragic death of her brother Christophe, she decided to come home and help run the family farm.

In 2019, the Dubosson family received the prestigious Agricultural Merit Award from the Canton of Valais. Isabelle decided to go back to school – this time for a vocational degree at the Châteauneuf School of Agriculture. Since then, with the help of her parents and sister, Isabelle has  won numerous awards for her Raclette.

Isabelle’s expertise and commitment to excellence in cheesemaking will be a huge contribution to our organizing committee.  Along with Laurent Ecoeur, a third-generation cheesemaker from the Lisats Farm in Val-d’Illiez, Isabelle will be co-organising the competition events at the Raclette World Championships.