A biennial HIGHLIGHT

With this biennial event, we aim to deepen our bond with the public and our partners, cultivating long-term brand loyalty. We’re excited to introduce the Raclette World Championships as a cherished annual celebration of Valais culture that will become a highlight of your cultural calendar.


In keeping with the goals outlined in the Canton of Valais’ Agenda 2030, we are committed to implementing all necessary measures to ensure a sustainable, responsible event. Notably, access to Morgins over the weekend will be facilitated by shuttles, in collaboration with public transportation providers.


  • Unite agricultural, touristic, and economic communities around an iconic Valaisan specialty.
  • Expand the Valais’ reputation for culinary heritage globally by promoting our unique and delicious Raclette cheese.
  • Build on the Illiez Valley’s vast agri-tourism potential and celebrate the importance of our agricultural entities, such as the La Cavagne cooperative society, the Val d’Illiez cooperative society for the promotion and sale of agricultural products (PROMOVI), and the Société Agricole de la Vallée d’Illiez (SAVI).
  • Create a platform for different economic actors to showcase and promote their activities.
  • Encourage 4-season tourism by boosting the ‘shoulder season.’
  • Provide an extraordinary experience for visitors and competition participants.
  • Organize an exemplary event that prioritises quality and sustainability.

Goals & values

  • International cooperation
  • Inclusivity
  • Conviviality
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Authenticity
  • Terroir