Welcome to the Région Dents du Midi

The Région Dents du Midi encompasses 6 charming villages perched high in the Swiss Alps near the south-eastern end of Lake Geneva. Aligned along the spectacular Val d’Illiez, these villages (Champéry, Champoussin, Les Crosets, Morgins, Troistorrents & Val d’Illiez) form the Swiss half of Les Portes du Soleil, the world’s largest international ski area, offering over 800 square kilometres of natural beauty year-round.

A true four-season tourist destination, the region’s vast panoply of recreational activities range from winter and summer sports to nature, traditions and well-being. Nestled at the foot of the Dents du Midi and Dents Blanches mountain ranges, with summits soaring over 3’000 metres, this is a place of exhilarating peaks and inspiring views, where the border between France and Switzerland has all but disappeared and your backyard stretches as far as the eye can see.

Whether you prefer the rustic tranquility of a mountain cabin, the convenience of a self-catered apartment or the gracious elegance of a 4-star hotel, you’ll feel right at home in the Région Dents du Midi!

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