• The JM Contactless system is a bracelet that functions as an electronic wallet for purchases during an event.
  • When you arrive at the event site, you’ll receive a bracelet in exchange for your entrance ticket. This bracelet allows you to ride the public transportation and enter and exit the festival at will. More importantly, it can also be charged like a debit card.

Charging and top-ups

You can charge or top up your bracelet:

  • at ticket counters: in cash, with TWINT, or debit/credit cards
  • via smartphone: with TWINT*
  • You can also preload your account online before the event. Keep and eye out for an email from Infomaniak, our ticket provider, explaining how to do this.

Balance Refunds

You can choose how you want us to refund any unused balance on your bracelet:


For this, using your smartphone, you have two options:

  • scan your bracelet*; you will then be directed to the refund form.
  • fill out the online form (entering the number on the back of your bracelet).

*you must scan your bracelet by placing your smartphone on the plate after activating the NFC option (tap if necessary to detect the chip).

We will refund you a few days after the event. Deadline to complete the form: Sunday, November 2nd, 2025.


This is the simplest way to get a refund.

The balance of your account will be automatically transferred to the bank account linked with your TWINT in the days following the event.