Institut Colibri


Facial and body treatments, hot stones, wax ... Our institute is located on the ground floor of the Helvetia Hotel

The Colibri beauty institute, located on the ground floor of the Helvetia Hotel, offers various treatments:

- relaxing massages, anti-cellulite (lumicell-touch device), toning
- Makalia massage and hot stone massage
- facials, also with a device "derma-pod" anti-aging care.
- Manicure and beauty of the feet, also with paraffin laying for a deep hydration.
- permanent waxing with the Flash lamp, rented every 6 weeks.
- Eyelash and eyebrow dyes.
- day or evening make-up.
- several body treatments.
- waxing with warm wax and warm wax.
- offers waxing, facial and body treatments.

Come and test the massage with hot stones.