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Osteopath since 2009, my practice is oriented around the biodynamic model of osteopathy but also includes structural, visceral and muscular techniques.

-Absolute and Relative Exclusion Diagnosis for the patient’s safety

– Therapeutic skills:
– Functional Techniques
– Biodynamics of Osteopathy
– Articulation Techniques: High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVBA)
– Muscle Energy Technique

French :Mother tongue
English: Fluent

Consultations are open, year round by appointment, for patiens of all ages, from newborns to adults and seniors.

Consultation days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As part of the REM (Register of Empirical Medicine), your visit may be covered by complementary health insurance policies.

I look forward to welcoming you,
Frédéric Jakubczak




CHF 120.- each consultation
Refund with complementary health insurance


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