Located in the heart of the valley that bears its name, the village of Val d’Illiez has been a place of gathering and exchange from time immemorial. On one side of the road, the church’s soaring bell tower stands guard under the protective shadow of the Dents du Midi. On the other side, two ancient granaries are proof of the importance of farming and commerce in the community.

As traffic through the valley sped up over time, the tiny village might simply have faded into history, had it not been for a providential event in 1946. After an earthquake shook the valley, locals noticed that water had begun to seep up through a fault in the earth not far from their village. Not only that, but the snow melted faster in that particular area. Val d’Illiez had witnessed the birth of a hot spring!

Today, the spring has become an extensive thermal bath complex (currently temporarily closed) with warm pools, a spa area and a river of naturally heated mineral-rich water set in a lush oasis of gracefully landscaped gardens. After a long day on the slopes or spent hiking the mountains, Val d’Illiez is a haven to come home to!