With over 30 cheese producers, the Region Dents du Midi possesses an authentic know-how passed down from generation to generation to please your taste buds.

Satisfy your appetite

From a path through a shady forest to a field in bloom, your sense of smell will be delighted by a range of sweet and natural fragrances. At the end of this small road stands this famous restaurant with its traditional architecture, an ideal place to discover the local cuisine.

The Flavours of the Dents du Midi

From blue ribbons to gold medals and the highly prized Protected Destination Origin label, our region boasts a panoply of products that have been recognized for their exceptional quality or authenticity. To make sense of it all, in 2018, we created a label called “Saveurs Dents du Midi” which certifies the typicity and quality of these goods.

Slow Food Travel & Agritourism

Region Dents du Midi’s pastoral traditions, culture, and cuisine are rooted in our spectacular alpine pastures, or alpages, which have been shaped by countless generations of hardy farmers since time immemorial. Our partnership with Slow Food Travel provides a global showcase for this unique terroir and a wonderful reason to visit our region. 

Tasting tours