Make yourself at home…

Whether you’re backpacking, looking for place in the village centre or in the middle of the mountains, we have just what you need, with tradition and boldness taking on their full meaning.
  • … in a hotel if you need a relaxing getaway and a good night’s sleep,
  • … in a backpacker hostel if you’re looking for unbeatable prices and friendly company,
  • … in an apartment or chalet if you prefer cosy home-away-from-home independence,
  • … in a B&B if you like to feel as if you’re visiting old friends,
  • … in group lodgings if you’re coming with a crowd of colleagues, best friends or team-mates,
  • … at the campground if you love sleeping under the stars,
  • … in a quaint mountain hut if you want an authentic alpine experience!