The Dents du Midi Region is a vast playground for families and a hands-on outdoor museum for discovering, creating, growing, thinking, and having fun. Choose among animal parks, aquatic activities, camps, playgrounds; there’s no shortage of activities to keep your little one as busy as a beaver!

Kids clubs & winter activities

A Kids Club is a safe, child-friendly space, decorated with jolly animal characters on hoops and tunnels that little skiers can use to navigate in around and through as they learn the rudiments of skiing on a gentle slope.


Kids love the swings, slides and play structures in our village playgrounds. Parents will appreciate the rare opportunity to sit and relax while their lively little ones are hard at play!

Aquatic activities

Our aquatic activities encourage children to float, slide and splash at their own pace. Children who are comfortable in water from an early age feel confident, and can dive into a whole, new world of fun and healthy activities.

Child care

Much as we love spending quality time with our littlies, sometimes the grown-ups just need a break! Local babysitters who would be happy to take over for a while.

Kids’ calendar