Collaire bread oven


The Collaire bread oven was built around 1435. This is where the bread was baked for the Troistorrents church congregation, especially during the feast of the Pentecost. Today a private association is in the process of restoring this historic building.

Tourists celebrate, there were probably several, visited our valley. One of them, in the middle of the 19th century, left its mark in one of his travel diaries; his name: Théophile Gautier.
Accompanied by his daughters, they stopped at the Moulins de la Tine during a trip in the Val d’Illiez. He gave a very eulogistic description of the village and its inhabitants in one of his books (Monday’s Holiday, Tableaux de Montagnes, Paris, 1881.)

The oven Collaire was built, according to some around 1610. The archives of Monthey, however, mention the existence of eight (8) bread ovens in the town of Troistorrents around 1457, one of which was Collaire (p.50, from the book Au Fil du Paysage de l’Eau, Pierre Alain Bazet, 2005)!
The date of 1852 engraved on the pediment of the door indicates, perhaps, a date of restoration!

The time and the elements did their work on the small building and as if that was not enough of the careless truckers hung it! Now he is threatening to collapse!




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