Propéraz bread oven


The Propéraz community bread oven, built in 1663, was used several times a year to bake large batches of bread for local inhabitants and passing guests.

Thick stone walls, a small wooden door, a shingle roof topped by a chimney – the unassuming structure that stands on the Place de Propéraz, Troistorrents, is a priceless remnant of a time when each village neighbourhood had their own bread oven.

Renovated once in 1842 – by 2014 the historic building was in total disrepair. In order to safeguard their heritage, the inhabitants of Propéraz grouped together to found an association to renovate and re-open the bread oven. They raised over CHF 100,000 and spent 2 years on the project.

Today, the oven is opened for baking several times a year.

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Route de Propéraz 88CH - 1872TroistorrentsSuisse
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