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Listening to your body...


Kinesiology allows you to balance your emotional, mental and physical health in order to find your full potential, understand yourself and better listen to your feelings.

Emotional management, stress, anxiety, recurring pain, loss of energy, confidence, self-esteem, motivation, personal development, life stages…

-For all ages
Special sports follow-up
-Kinesiology for children and babies
Recognized by the complementary health insurance companies (ASCA).


The reboutage allows to replace the muscular fibers which can be dislodged following a fall, repetitive movements, a false movement, an unsuitable position, a sustained effort.

Relieves tendonitis, tension, contractures and muscle knots, chronic fatigue, torticollis, sciatica…

The session is similar to a massage of the area concerned. It brings a relief of the pains, reoxygenates the fabrics and realigns the body.
No sharp manipulation of the bones or joints is practiced.

Opening hours

All year round.



Payment methods

  • Twint
  • Cash


A ton Aura Kinésiologie - ReboutageChemin des Bois 6CH - 1873Val-d'IlliezSuisse
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