Escape Game – Mini-Moi et le Coffre Magique


Dear old Great Uncle Bidouille has passed away, and he has named you in his will...

Long ago, as children, you and your siblings and cousins often visited your eccentric Uncle Bidouille’s grand estate, exploring the nooks and crannies of his enormous mansion, building cabins in the gardens, and imagining yourselves explorers, discovering an enchanted world. On one of those distant visits, Tonton Bidouille recounted a thrilling story about a magic chest. Wrapped up in your games of pirates and hidden treasure, one of you stole the tiny chest and hid it away.
Over the years, you’ve grown apart and become adults and those faraway memories of childhood have dimmed. No one remembers where the mysterious chest might be.
Now that the estate is being divided up for sale, your grandfather has written, urging you to act quickly before it’s too late and the house is sold, taking all its old mysteries and the hidden chest with it.
Without further ado, you embark on a journey back to your childhood to try to find the magic chest before it is lost forever!

Opening hours

Every day throughout the year between 10 am and 12 am.
Closed on Monday.
Reservations are required to access the escape rooms. To reserve, go to the 'Our Escape Rooms' page on our website.



  • Parking
  • Booking obligatory
  • Wi-fi


2 people: CHF 65.- / person
3 people: CHF 50.- / person
4 people: CHF 45.- / person
5 people: CHF 40.- / person
6 people and more: CHF 35.- / person

Children under 7 do not pay but are still welcome!.


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