Illiez Bike Club


Based in the beautiful Val d’Illiez in the Canton of Valais, the Illiez Bike Club is a community of passionate cycling enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines.

With just one look at our spectacular alpine scenery, rugged terrain and long, winding roads over mountain passes, it’s easy to understand why cycling is our flagship summer activity in Région Dents du Midi – and why Les Portes du Soleil has long been known as the ‘Mecca of Mountain Biking’. Given this, and the increasing popularity of cycling worldwide, we wanted to make sure that youngsters growing up in and around our valley have the opportunity to explore and feel at home on the same roads and trails coveted by cyclists the world over. Thus, the Illiez Bike Club was born, ‘off-season’ in January 2018.

In addition to welcoming children ages 4 and up, the club promotes a far-reaching approach to cycling culture by helping to organise major events and participating in ongoing development projects throughout the region. With a wealth of technical expertise and a vast reserve of volunteer manpower, we have a lot to offer! In return, the valley’s municipalities and tourist infrastructure help promote and support club activities throughout the year.

Our club goals:

→ To mentor and supervise young cyclists.
→ To organise and support cycling events in the Val d’Illiez.
→ To advocate for the rights of cyclists in the Val d’Illiez.
→ To provide support, assistance, and advice for the development of cycling infrastructure in the Val d’Illiez.
→ To actively participate in any project relating to cycling in the Val d’Illiez.

Opening hours

On their website, you will find the programme of weekly and thematic outings organised by the Illiez Bike Club, as well as the training schedule of the cycling school.



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