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They're funny, and we learn a lot with them: a musical show for all generations. Laughter, tears, magic...and lots of hits!

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Geneva Brass
“The overall ensemble is nothing less than first class” – International Trumpet Guild. Like the famous “Swiss Army knife”, Geneva Brass is a multi-talented chamber music ensemble. Its warm, brilliant sound lends itself equally well to the chiseling of a Bach fugue, the gentle murmur of a Cosma ballad, or a traditional alphorn melody. It can be powerful enough to support an organ or a big band, but also gentle enough to accompany a choir, a pan flute or even a harp.
The Geneva-based brass quintet is an ardent defender of Swiss culture, and regularly commissions new original pieces to expand its repertoire. The ensemble frequently exports internationally, and has been invited to the Festival Cervantino (Mexico), SliderAsia (Hong Kong), Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival (South Korea), Lieksa Brass Week (Finland), Brassurround (Spain) and Eurocuivres (France).

At ease on all terrains, the Geneva Brass has performed in the finest concert halls, such as Geneva’s Victoria Hall and Tianjin’s Grand Theatre, but also with its feet in the water of Lake Geneva, in South African shantytowns and on the Great Wall of China.

Founded in 2001, the ensemble brings together five talented musicians, all of whom hold a master’s degree from Geneva’s Haute École de Musique. Over 10 editions, from 2010 to 2020, it organized the internationally renowned Geneva Brass Festival, and since 2021 has offered a season of concerts in Geneva, “Les Rendez-Vous du GB”. The Geneva Brass has created shows for children such as “Une histoire de tuyaux” and “À pleins tubes!”, and recorded several eclectic albums.

Geneva Brass with :
– Baptiste Berlaud & Lionel Walter, trumpet
– Christophe Sturzenegger, horn
– David Rey, trombone
– Eric Rey, tuba

Practical information:
– Ages 4 and up
– Running time: 45 minutes
– Show for the whole family

Opening hours

Saturday 10 August 2024 at 3 pm.
Doors open at 14:30.




One price: 10 CHF (Children aged 4 and over).
Free seating
This show is not included in the Rencontres Musicales Champéry subscription.

Payment methods

  • Twint
  • Bank/credit card
  • Online payment


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