Monday Play



Even Mondays can be fun days!

Camille’s Challenges are child’s play!
– Choose a clever friend or family member and make a team of two (easy peasy!)
– Find a fun name that’s easy to pronounce (for example: IKEA)
– Swing by the At’home restaurant and whisper your team name to one of the wait staff before 10pm every Monday (that’s your registration sorted!)
– Wait patiently for the festivities to begin and say a little prayer that the opposing teams don’t crush you from the get-go!
– Use teamwork to solve Camille’s challenges, trying to beat the other teams to the high score.

What’s in it for the winner?
– The winning team will be treated to a tapas platter and their choice of draft beers.
– Your photo will go up on the Monday Play wall of fame …

Opening hours

From 19/12/2022 to 03/04/2023, every Monday.
From 11pm to around 1am.


  • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance



Free of charge.


At'HomeRue du Village 62CH - 1874ChampérySuisse
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