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The Barme climbing wall offers 57 routes (from 3+ to a 7b). At the foot of the awe-inspiring Dents Blanches mountains, climbers of all levels will feel at one with nature as they explore the intricacies of this spectacular 40 metre-high limestone cliff.

Barme is one of the most significant rock climbing sites in the region, offering easy access, a flat, pleasant belaying area, a sunny exposition and a vast array of climbing routes for families, beginners and accomplished alpinists.

Nestled at the foot of the Dents Blanches mountains on the border with France, this idyllic alpine valley is also the starting point for countless hiking and walking trails. It is also the most important North-South flight path over the Alps for migratory birds.

Not surprisingly, given this strategic location and geography, Barme was also a major thoroughfare for contraband in its not-so-distant past. Today, a themed hiking trail takes visitors back to the olden days when the ‘Contrabandiers’ smuggled goods, animals and sometimes even people along the narrow alpine paths and over the Col de Cou Pass.

Adjacent to the Col de Cou is the Col de Bretolet, home to one of the most important ornithological stations in Europe. From August to October, bird-lovers from all over the world literally flock to visit this unique spot.

No matter what the season, Barme is a true natural wonder, with unspoiled landscapes and a rich and diverse flora and fauna.

A variety of different trails dedicated to the themes of geology, fauna, flora and local history provide a wealth of additional information and interesting anecdotes, making a visit to Barme a memorable and enriching experience.

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