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This new route varies between mountain pasture roads and forest paths. Your calves will get a little warm as you climb the forest road to La Foilleuse. But the reward is the new MTB-enduro route back down via Pertuis Chétrain and Bonavau.

Ascente route : there are two ways to reach the summit of La Foilleuse from Morgins.

1) via the Grand-Jeur 13.75 km / +689m D+ / -185m D-

From Morgins, follow the mountain pasture road (route de Chésery) as far as the Etang de Sassex. At the next crossroads, turn left (red “vélo” sticker on the signpost to Madzé), go through the barrier and start climbing. At the fork in the road, turn briefly in the direction of Tovassière, then left to join the path that runs above the usual route to Madzé. Join the Route du Jorat and then, before the restaurant La Chaux, take the gravel road to La Foilleuse.

2) via Champarin Le Jorat 7.85 km / +557m D+ / -57m D-

Opposite the church in Morgins, turn right around the cable car construction fence, go over it and join the Chemin des Fougères on the forest road that climbs gently up to Champarin. Follow the red bicycle sign along the path across the field towards Le Jorat, where you join the tarmac road for a few fairly steep uphill bends. Before the restaurant La Chaux, take the gravel road up to La Foilleuse.

Downhill route :

Bonavau 7.41 km / 135m D+ / 635mD-

This new route is downhill only. Caution: shared mountain bike/pedestrian path.

Go around the site of the new cable car to the left and down the trail across the fields to join the road to Les Bochasses. Follow the gravel road up to Pertuis Chétrain. Descend to the Bonavau mountain pasture and enjoy the slightly more technical part of the newly prepared trail to reach La Grand Jeur and Morgins.

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