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Therapies: hypnotherapy, kinesiology and mental preparation. Fitness: functional and personal training classes, Pilates, Bodybalance, TRX, Easy Gym, and outdoor group classes. Massages: metamorphic, relaxing, sports, sensory and reboutology

The Centre Oxygen Morgins was founded in 2002 as the Oxygen Institute.
After almost 20 years of experience and assistance, we now offer a complete wellness centre based on well-being and personal care.

Our two-member team is multidisciplinary:
• Naomi Guillaume, our sports and activities technical manager, manages the physical preparation of elite and amateur athletes. She also leads group and private lessons, as well as fun outings throughout our beautiful region.

• Marlyn Monay, director of Centre Oxygen, is a hypnotherapist, kinesiologist, masseuse and mental trainer for elite and amateur athletes alike.

Together, we provide holistic solutions for mental and physical well-being.

To this end, we lead group classes like Pilates, trail running preparation, Gentle Gym, outdoor circuit-training, family activities, snowshoeing in winter and Nordic Walking in summer.

We can also help you to lose weight, stop smoking, and develop the psychological resilience to enable you to unlock your full potential.

Finally, we offer a complete menu of treatments in the form of fitness and sensory massages and ‘reboutement’, or hands-on healing.

Making you feel your best is our passion!

We look forward to becoming your valued partner for happiness and health,
Team Oxygen Morgins
Marlyn Monay & Naomi Guillaume


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