9. Grand-Paradis - Les Rives


This route will take you to the area called Les Rives, across the valley from Champéry.

This is Champéry’s «wild side», where the only signs of civilisation are one narrow road and a few isolated chalets. From the Grand Paradis covered picnic area, follow the road for 100m towards the fitness trail, then cross the bridge over the Saufla River. Follow the trail, crossing a field before meeting up with the Rives Road. Follow the road to the lovely «Cantine des Rives Restaurant», then continue along the trail that loops around the large field next to the restaurant and retrace your steps back to Grand Paradis. If you’re lucky, and very quiet, you might even catch a glimpse of some elusive roe deer along the way.
This trail is also open to hikers.


  • Duration 1h45min
  • Distance 3.5 km
  • Ascension 100
  • Descent 100
  • Highest point 1'173 m
  • Très facile


Free access.

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