Combining offers from partners across 12 resorts and 2 countries, the Multi Pass undergoes annual updates. To help you understand the changes to this product, you’ll find answers to your questions below.

1. What are the main changes to the Multi Pass for summer 2024?

Starting this year, access to the Champéry cable car and the new Morgins gondola will no longer be free with the Multi Pass. Instead, the Multi Pass will entitle users to a 30% discount on one-way and round-trip tickets.

2. Why are the Morgins gondola and the Champéry cable car no longer free with the Multi Pass?

Since its inception in 2009, the Multi Pass has been instrumental in doubling lift usage in summer. Despite this success, the generous pricing structure means that this influx has had minor impact on revenues. Meanwhile, energy costs have nearly doubled, and inflation has significantly impacted operating costs.

Revenues currently fall short of covering our operating expenses during the Multi Pass validity period, let alone supporting recent investments and ambitious development projects aimed at enhancing the attractiveness, comfort, and sustainability of our recreational area for future generations.

Consequently, maintaining free access on some major lifts is no longer feasible. Portes du Soleil Suisse SA has therefore decided to adjust the Multi Pass services.

3. How is the Multi Pass funded?

Originally conceived as an initiative by the 10 Franco-Swiss lift companies across Les Portes du Soleil, the Multi Pass is funded as follows:

  • In French Portes du Soleil resorts and Torgon: with financial contributions from accommodation providers (a per-bed levy), supplemented by sales of ‘stay’, ‘day’, and ‘season’ Multi Passes.
  • In Swiss Portes du Soleil resorts (excluding Torgon): with financial contributions from Region Dents du Midi SA (a portion of the tourist tax collected by municipalities), supplemented by sales of ‘day’ and ‘season’ Multi Passes.

These revenues are pooled and then redistributed to partner providers who offer free access to Multi Pass holders following a predefined allocation scheme.

4. How much does the Portes du Soleil Suisse SA lift company receive when a Multi Pass holder uses a lift?

The amount per ride received by Portes du Soleil Suisse SA is:

  • CHF 1.94 on the Champéry cable car
  • CHF 0.63 on the Crosets chairlift
  • CHF 1.34 on the Mossettes chairlift
  • CHF 1.15 on the former Foilleuse chairlift

5. Why invest in new lifts when climate change threatens the future of skiing?

The infrastructure of a recreational area forms the cornerstone of any tourism development strategy. The number of installations, their modernity, and their geographical distribution are essential to the area’s attractiveness and its economic viability. We plan investments with a long-term perspective to ensure the sustainable development of tourism activities:

  • Although the winter tourist season is still our main economic driver, there is a clear trend towards developing year-round tourist activities, which requires compatibility of infrastructure across multiple seasons.
  • New installations enable us to decommission aging lifts and remove obsolete structures from the alpine landscape, thus enhancing the value of nature and scenery as a tourist attraction. This is particularly significant considering the growing importance of environmental concerns.
  • While climate change creates challenges for winter sports destinations, it also presents opportunities that will strengthen the appeal of the mountains outside the winter season. Tourists and city dwellers will seek out cooler temperatures and better air quality in the mountains, creating a positive effect on tourism in spring, summer, and autumn.

We’re not about to hang up our skis just yet!

6. What does Portes du Soleil Suisse SA have planned for the future?

The Swiss sector of Les Portes du Soleil has scheduled a panoply of major improvements. Future projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Supplementing snow coverage across the Champoussin – Morgins sector (Foilleuse – Pointe de l’Au – Bochasses) with a snowmaking network, thus fortifying links within the ski area.
  • Building a lift between the lower part of Champoussin and the Pointe de l’Au summit to optimise connections between Champoussin and Les Crosets.
  • Implementing a peak-to-peak lift between Le Corbeau and La Foilleuse, eliminating the inconvenience of skiers having to remove their skis for transit through Morgins village on foot or via shuttles.
  • Renovating certain installations to enhance ski area attractiveness and comfort.

Goals and challenges:

  • Streamlining skier flow.
  • Preserving high standards of piste quality and safety.
  • Bolstering year-round activities.
  • Expanding the ski area while minimising conflicts with agricultural operations.
  • Safeguarding our natural heritage (including rare or sensitive environments & species) and limiting wildlife disturbance.
  • Maintaining the authentic character of the natural landscape.

7. What is the alternative pricing option proposed by the Communes and Region Dents du Midi SA, and how does the extension proposal work?

The three Illiez Valley municipalities and Region Dents du Midi SA have jointly developed an alternative pricing solution. This entails introducing an ‘extension’ that grants unlimited access to the Champéry cable car and the Morgins gondola throughout their respective summer operating periods. When paired with a valid Multi Pass, the extension acts as a season pass for pedestrians taking the Champéry cable car and the Morgins gondola.

To create the extension, the Illiez Valley municipalities and Region Dents du Midi SA have have provided a financial guarantee: if the revenue from Multi Pass and extension sales fails to meet an agreed-upon threshold, the partners will compensate the shortfall to Portes du Soleil Suisse SA.

Price of the extension (same rate adult/child):

  • Second home and holiday rental owners: CHF 30.- per Multi Pass for the season
  • Residents: CHF 60.- for the season (in addition to the price of the Multi Pass)

8. Should I purchase the extension?

Purchasing the extension is optional, but it is a great price for unlimited access to the cable car and gondola, and it means you won’t ever have to queue at the ticket office.

  • Adults, juniors aged 16 to 25, and seniors: the extension cost is offset after 2 round-trip journeys.
  • Children aged 5 to 15: the extension cost is offset after 3 round-trip journeys.

Prices for the Champéry cable car or the Morgins gondola:

(26-64 years)
(5-15 years)
(16-25 years)
(from 65 years)
Simple trip
Without the Multi Pass *14.-10.-12.-12.-
With the 30% discount **9.-7.-8.-8.-
With the Multi Pass and extension0.-0.-0.-0.-
Round trip
Without the Multi Pass *24.-18.-22.-22.-
With the 30% discount **16.-12.-15.-15.-
With the Multi Pass and extension0.-0.-0.-0.-

* Public rates (pedestrians or cyclists)
** On presentation of a Multi Pass

9. How do I get an extension for my Multi Pass?

If you are a second home or holiday rental owner, you may purchase the number of extensions you choose, based on the number of Multi Passes you are allowed, at one of the tourist offices in the destination (Champéry or Morgins) when you collect your Multi Passes.

If you are a resident: you can purchase the Multi Pass, and its extension, at the lift ticket offices in Champéry, Morgins, or Les Crosets.

10. I want to go biking. Is the extension valid for the lifts?

No, the extension is specifically for pedestrians when used alongside a Multi Pass.