Earn your turns! Ski touring is a demanding sport but the rewards: endless, wide-open spaces and untouched powder, are well worth the effort. Equipped with synthetic ‘skins’ that stick to the bottom of your skis, you’re free to explore up-hill and down, as far as you can ski.

Rando-Parc : safe training ground for skiers of all levels

The first of its kind in Valais, the innovative Rando Parc in Morgins offers a unique approach to ski touring with a safe training ground for skiers of all levels and better cohabitation between skiers and ski tourers. Our motto is respect for the environment, respect for the mountains and respect for our fellow winter-sports lovers.

Our safety tips

Weather and snow conditions in the Alps can change in the blink of an eye. Before you head out, check with our mountain guides for information on mountain safety, avalanche danger, weather forecasts and itineraries. Be realistic about your skill level and never underestimate nature! It’s one thing to own an avalanche transceiver (ARVA / DVA) but knowing how to use it in an emergency is another! The Avalanche Training Centre is the perfect place to test your skills and learn to use your rescue equipment correctly.