Chavanette - The Swiss Wall


The infamous Swiss Wall ranks in the top 10 of the world’s toughest ski slopes. From the summit of Chavanette, the slope plunges downward at a 37° angle, providing 400 meters drop over the 1-kilometer slope.

Try one of the steepest and toughest slopes in the world! The Portes du Soleil area has a lot of ski slopes to offer but the biggest ski area in Europe also hide a special one for you. This big slope called "Chavanette" or "The Swiss Wall" is known to be one of the most dangerous slopes on earth.

Too steep for the snow grooming machines, the bumps at the top regularly attain 2 metres in height, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle! Good skiers only !


  • Distance 1 km
  • Ascension 331
  • Très difficile


  • Bank/credit card
  • Cash

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