Margaux joined the Swiss Ski Mountaineering Junior Team in June 2022. Born and raised at the foot of the Dents du Midi and the Dents Blanches massifs, she’s been in love with the mountains and skiing for as long as she can remember. After a few years of alpine skiing with the Champéry ski club, she began ski touring with her family, and then with the Swiss Alpine Club.

Inspired by Tobias Donnet and Kilian Granger, two other athletes from Region Dents du Midi, she made the transition from ski touring to skimo racing. Today, 5 years later, she’s still pushing her limits uphill and down on skinny skis with several medals and titles to her name. When she’s not training or racing, Margaux swaps her ‘matchsticks’ for fat freeride skis and explores the nooks and crannies and couloirs right in her own backyard!

Winter 2021-2022 awards:

  • 1st U18 Swiss Individual Championships
  • 1st U18 La Lenk 8 Race
  • 1st U20 women / 2nd U20 Scratch Youth Patrol (with Mathilde Pellissier)
  • 2nd U18 Breya night race
  • 2nd women Muverans Trophy (with Robine Deseyn)
  • 3rd popular World Cup Morgins (with Mathilde Pellissier)
  • 5th scratch women vertical Diablerets 3D
  • 6th U20 nocturne de la Foilleuse
  • 9th U18 European Championships individual
  • 10th U18 European Championships vertical
  • 12th U18 European Championships sprint
  • Swiss Champion U18 overall
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