Exploring the mountains with a guide at your side is the best way to seek adventure, confront the unknown and decrypt the secrets of the Alps. Your guide will teach you mountaineering skills, help you build confidence and, of course, keep you safe, but they are also the but they are also the key to understanding the mysteries of an environment as austere and forbidding as it is magnificent.

Alternately one step ahead of you or right by your side, pushing you to go farther or encouraging you in moments of fatigue, the relationship between guide and client is a special and unique one, a bond forged of shared experience and the knowledge that each is responsible for the life and safety of the other.

From their ‘base camp’ right here at the foot of the Dents du Midi, the guides at Montagne Experience lead excursions throughout the Valais and the Alps. They can help you to plan an outing, or propose a variety of activities including group ascensions, heliskiing trips, ice-climbing or ski touring.

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