ALPES’HUSKIES is a team of pedigreed Siberian Huskies who compete in skijoring and dogsledding events, but also welcome the public for tourist activities.


• Husky Hike in Champéry or Morgins

Guided hike of approximately 1 hour. Using a harness made of a comfortable belt and attached lead, your trusty husky partner will help tow you along a groomed and relatively flat trail.

• Dogsledding Experience

Families or groups will love this activity, which includes meeting the dogs and learning to drive a sled (drivers must be 18 or older, children will participate in the activity as passengers).

Initiations are available on certain Wednesdays during the winter (see below).

1. Introduction to Dogsledding
Meet the dogs, and take a 3-km ride on the sled, learn how to harness the huskies and watch the handler work. Wrap it up with some cuddle time with your new furry friends and take loads of photos to immortalise this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

2. Introduction to Mushing
Learn about the dogs, where mushing comes from, the equipment and the skills needed (approximately 20 minutes). Then take a seat on the sled for a 3-km ride and try your hand at driving (approximately 5 minutes per person). Learn how to harness, watch the handler at work, spend some cuddle time with your new furry friends, and take loads of photos to immortalise this once-in-a-lifetime experience!


• Husky Hiking

In summer, hikers have two options: a short route (about a 1-hour walk) or a long route (about a 3-hour walk). The trail is wide and relatively flat, accessible even for children. This is an all-weather activity!

• All-mountain Karting with the Pack

This fun, sporty activity lasts about 1 hour. Try your hand at driving an all-mountain kart harnessed and towed by 1 or 2 dogs. The karts, made by Kickbike, are equipped with powerful brakes. This activity requires enough strength and physical fitness to help the dogs if necessary on the tracks.

• Cani’Kart Adventure

Come and discover mushing and experience a first ride in a kart (wheeled carriage) pulled by a powerful team of 8 to 10 huskies. An educational and fun experience for all the family.

• Quad Training with the Pack

Become an honorary member of our team and experience a real training session with the dogs. Guests will spend the whole day out and about, exploring the region’s magnificent landscapes. As passengers, you won’t need any particular skills. This activity will not take place in temperatures above 15 degrees; departure will be before daybreak in all weather conditions.

Please arrive at the time chosen when you made your reservation regardless of the ZONE printed on your ticket.

Opening hours

ALPS’HUSKIES activities are provided with reservations only online and depending on availability and weather conditions.

Whatever the activity, we always make sure there is time for questions, photos and petting the dogs.




• Husky dog hiking
Short tour 1h (winter + summer):
CHF 80.- (adult) CHF 30.- (child 10 to 1410 years old)
Group rates on request

Long tour 3h (summer):
CHF 120.- per person
CHF 50.- per child (10 to14 years old)
Group rates on request

• Introduction to dogsledding (winter)
CHF 250.- flat rate for 2 people (or 2 adults + 2 chlidren) for 30 min.
Group rates on request

• Introduction to mushing (winter)
CHF 350.- for 2 people (or 2 adults + 2 chlidren) for 60 minutes, with educational explanations, presentation of the dogs and trial drive of a sled with 2 dogs (if weather conditions are ok). Children from 2 to 14 years old.
Group rates on request

• All-mountain scooters (summer)
CHF 80.- fper person from 12 years old, max. 4 persons.

• Cani'Kart Adventure
Approx. 1 hour's experience
Family package CHF 200 (max. 2 adults and 2 children under 12).
Group or romantic packages on request.

• Experience quad training with the pack (summer)
CHF 100.- per person. This activity is for one person at a time.
Meeting at6am or 7am only.


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