Fondation du Patrimoine Champérolain


Founded to preserve the documents, objects and anecdotes of Champéry's past, the Heritage Association plays an active role in the village's cultural life.

History has left our region with a rich and multifaceted heritage. The architecture, music, tools, recipes, handcrafts, photos and especially the stories of our elders are some of the countless treasures that the Heritage Foundation strives to safeguard for future generations.

Founded in 1993, the Champéry Heritage Foundation is a non-profit foundation that aims to:

– Collect and archive all documents that testify to Champéry’s past.
– Perpetuate the ancestral knowledge and history of our region by making historical documents accessible.
– Organize events and activities that celebrate our past.
– Safeguard our oral history with sound recordings of the older generation’s irreplaceable testimonies.
– Contribute to the enhancement and preservation of the Champérolain heritage.



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