The Oratories


These small, stone monuments, like miniature chapels, were built by our ancestors to implore Divine protection, or in fulfilment of a vow.

Placed strategically here and there along our local roads and paths, these miniature chapels were built for any number of reasons; to give thanks to God, in devotion to the Virgin Mary or to honour another saint who might have particular significance to the builder. Marking a crossroads, a pass or a perilous passage along a mountain path, these miniature chapels are an integral part of our landscape and heritage and a quiet invitation to peaceful reflection.

The Oratories hike lies between Chavalet and Barme; the walk will take you through the village high street, passing by various oratories, chapels, crosses and, of course, the Saint Théodule catholic church with its iconic bell tower.



Free access.

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