Let it Flow Pilates


In my coaching for recreational athletes, athletes or sports clubs, we practice different Pilates exercises as well as breathing techniques that support your body in your sports activity(ies) as well as in daily routine.

Pilates helps you to generate an improved body awareness by strengthening the right muscle groups, respectively your deep muscles, your flexibility, strength, posture & body control and endurance. You gain more ease, better and faster performance progress and protect yourself from injuries.

Have you had a sports accident or accident, you are a little off balance and want to get back to high performance as soon as possible?

On the Mat or with my special Pilates machine “The Reformer and Tower’’ we will train you regularly and get you back into your passionate sports activity and everyday life as quickly as possible.

« Let the Magic of the Machine happen and let it flow & discover a different way of Rehabilitation »

I also teach Pilates for all levels and ages, outdoors, indoors or online, in groups or individually, on the mat or the ”Reformer and Tower” machine!

I am excited to train with you & keep you motivated and smiley 😊

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