On the Smugglers' trail


Our mountains lie on the border between Switzerland and France and are full of numerous anecdotes regarding the smuggling organised by our ancestors. Their paths and stories will all be revealed to you...

From the 18th century until as recently as the late 1950s, smuggling was common practice in our region. With the border between France and Switzerland just a stone’s throw from Champéry at the Col de Cou Pass, people from either side of the border would meet in the dead of night to exchange contraband and other goods. These furtive exchanges took place in the blink of an eye, when the moon was dark or when a fog bank obscured the going-ons. Today, these cat and mouse tales sound romantic, but the activity was born out of dire necessity in times of war and famine.

Required equipment:
Backpack, clothing adapted to the day's weather conditions, windbreaker, good walking shoes, walking sticks (recommended), sunglasses, sunscreen, water and a snack.

Also recommended: binoculars and a camera

This is a moderate hike, accessible to everyone

Pets are not recommended but will be accepted if they are on a lead; wildlife and livestock live nearby.



Adult: 35 CHF, Child (8-12 years): 20 CHF (must be accompanied by an adult up to 15 years of age).

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