Originally from Val-d’Illiez, Florian Vieux was raised in Collombey and spent his holidays on the family farm in the Illiez Valley. He returned to settle in his home village for good in 2014.

At the tender age of 5, Florian literally threw himself into an iconic Swiss sport – freestyle wrestling. This discipline was the perfect launchpad for a natural athlete with a serious dose of gritty determination and gave him his first taste of a serious career in sports. He progressed quickly in competition, joining the cadet national team at the age of 14 before making the junior national team, where he participated in numerous national and international tournaments and championships. As his career in wrestling drew to an end he accompanied his team to the championships, reaching the LNB finals. Never one to rest on his laurels, he then started coaching the next generation of dedicated Swiss wrestlers.

Florian’s life took a dramatic turn at age 20, when he discovered a unique talent for running – serious long-distance running, as in Switzerland’s most legendary races, like Sierre-Zinal or the 100km de Bienne. Before long, he set his sights even further – to Mongolia, Hawaii, the Sahara and Namibia deserts, the Grand Canyon, and more! In 2015, he spent 4 months living in Kenya to train with the best athletes in the world. He is currently completing the Via Alpina, a route of around 2000 km with 110,000 m of ascent in 400 km sections. He has already completed 2 sections, with the 3rd scheduled for 2024. Florian’s determination and talent are as vast as his thirst for adventure!



  • 1st place at the Georgia Racing The Planet (265km in autonomy)         
  • World Champion Master 1 (35-40 years) over 100km in Berlin in 6h52min and 38 sec.
  • 1st 100km of Mongolia, record unbeaten since 2012
  • 13th Marathon des Sables (Morocco, 270km) 2014
  • 1st Grand to Grand (USA, 273km) 2016
  • 2nd Mauna to Mauna (Hawaii, 265km) 2017
  • 1st Racing the Planet (Namibia, 250km) 2019
  • 2nd SwissPeaks Trail (Switzerland, 170km) 2019
  • 1st 100km of Biel / 2013-2016-2019
  • 1st Trail du Barlatay (Switzerland, 104km) 2015


  • 2:33 Valence Marathon (Spain) 2023
  • 2:34 Rotterdam Marathon (Netherlands) 2015
  • 15:06 Canton Valais traverses by the plains (Switzerland) 2020
  • 5 days Switzerland traverse 2021

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