Growing up just a stone’s throw from the tennis courts in Val-d’Illiez, Adrien Berrut began playing tennis at the age of 5. Since then, his passion for the sport has only increased, even though his hours on the court limit the free time he has available for the other activities he loves, like skiing.

Having earned a ranking in the Valais tennis infrastructure which allows him to attend the Swiss Tennis Academy in Bienne, Adrien can continue to develop as an athlete while maintaining his studies. This has clearly paid off, as he made it into national level C in the Swiss Tennis rankings in January 2021! Currently one of the top four Swiss players in his category, he is determined to keep swinging for a professional tennis career.



  • 1 win and 1 doubles final ITF grade 3
  • 4 doubles wins Tennis Europe (Montreux, Basel and Klosters)


  • 2nd Swiss U16 Championships singles
  • 2 ½ finals and 2 ¼ finals singles ITF grade 4 & 5
  • 3 doubles wins ITF grade 5
  • 1 win in doubles ITF grade 3


  • 2nd Swiss 2005 2/2020 ranking
  • 1st ranking N 2/2020 ranking: N4-148 (currently N4-87)


  • 2nd Swiss U14 Championships doubles


  • 3rd Swiss U12 Championships singles

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