Morgan Guérin has been cycling since he was 6 years old and, growing up with his father’s collection of trophies decorating the family home, the inspiration to compete came naturally. Starting out with mountain biking, Morgan then took up road cycling and moved just as quickly into cyclocross.

Despite his youth, Morgan sees cycling as a real ‘school of life’ experience, one which will provide him with valuable lessons that go beyond trophies and competitions. The young man’s current goal is to become a professional road and cyclocross cyclist. Identified as a Climber by his teammates, Morgan particularly enjoys stage races and time trials. He has been a member of the Excelsior Martigny bike club and Team Humard Vélo Passion Chazal for the past three years and 2021 will mark his first year in the U19 category.



  • Cyclo-cross world cup Maasmechelen 2022/2023 (49th)
  • Cyclo-cross world cup Tabor 2022/2023 (40th)
  • Swiss mountain road championships 2022 (4th)
  • Swiss road time trial championships 2022 (19th)
  • Swiss road championships 2022 (28th)
  • Tour du Pays de Vaud on road – Prologue 2022 (105th)
  • GP de la Courtine road race 2022 (13th)
  • Dubnica International Road Day (45th overall)


  • Cyclo-cross world cup Tabor 2021/2022 (42nd)
  • Cyclo-cross world cup Namur 2021/2022 (58th )
  • Cyclo-cross world cup Dendermonde 2021/2022 (55th)
  • Cyclo-cross world cup Flamanville 2021/2022 (25th )
  • Cyclo-cross world cup general classification 2021/2022 (52nd )
  • UCI cyclo-cross world ranking 2021/2022 (264th)
  • Swiss cyclo-cross championship Steinmaur 2021/2022 (6th)
  • Swiss road-clycing championship Knutwil 2021 (27th)
  • Swiss road-cycling time trial championship Lausanne 2021 (20th)

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